I still have to pinch myself to believe it is really happening: I have just landed my dream job.

This is how it happened…

Runs the year 2020 and there is a pandemic going on. What a better time to change career and follow your dreams of becoming a chef (#sarcasm) When I announce it to friends and family they all comment “finally”.
I wish I could take them all to job interviews with me to testify my dishes taste great, but that does not seem to be practice in the real world job market; so I follow the traditional way of sending my resume to my favorite restaurants.
The day I get a phone call to arrange a trial I cry tears of joy: that in itself is a great success, my resume only lists project manager roles. My background is in fact in events, education and sustainability. Food only gets a mention when I talk about collaborations with People’s Kitchen, Refettorio Felix, Made in Hackney.

I get the job. Congratulations to me.

But that is NOT the dream job I am telling you about. Hold tight, the best part is to come yet.

Turns out this restaurant is no longer hiring, but firing staff (thanks Corona). So here I am, “stuck” in The Netherland, half looking for work – half enjoying a “forced” holiday. Having plenty of time on hand, (thanks Corona again) I remember I should not compromise to be happy. I do not just want to cook, not only someone else’s recipes anyway, not the same menu over and over for sure, definitely not just regular food.
I want to turn surplus food into amazing plant-based meals. I have often dreamed of opening a food waste cafe in London but never had the means to do it. Maybe I should convert my van into a food truck, I find the thought funny and I write a post on FB.
Gets plenty of likes. Oh I wish. I wish I would bump into such a place already.

Oh wait…a food truck? Branded IChange the Value of Food. I stop to read the banner, it all sounds too familiar.

Should I walk in or not? It seems closed, but I can see 4 girls sitting at a table working. Got nothing to lose so I walk up and introduce myself copy of my CV in hand and I add trust me “I can cook”.

What are you doing on Wednesday is their response. Nothing I say, why? Would you like to be our culture cook? My smile speaks for itself. It is love at the first sight. So here I am, part of this amazing team. Thank you universe

Our newest Changemaker Iren de Pascuale!

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